Nikola Solic


The Croatian-born photographer Nikola Solic has travelled around the world snapping awesome images – beautiful, dramatic and captivating — for more than 35 years. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, whose vibrant colours and fancy architecture are a new, and seemingly inexhaustible, source of inspiration.

Take a stroll through the gallery here and you will see photos with an innate artistic quality, almost like impressionist paintings, thanks to the stunning colours or the oddly attractive composition that turn familiar landscapes into objects of beauty.

During his long and distinguished international career, Nikola worked for the world’s biggest news photo agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse and European Press Photo Agency. His pictures have been published in the leading newspapers and magazines, from Japan’s Asahi Shimbun to New York Times.

As a Reuters news photographer for 20 years, he covered virtually all recent armed conflicts in Europe, Africa and Asia, dodging the bullets and strolling the battlefields in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone and the Middle East.

All the while, he continued his pursuit of breathtaking sceneries.

Nikola Solic received a number of international awards for his work, including the 2006 Reuters Photography of the year for his famous Baghdad Sunsets series, and the 2012 Photographer of the Year by the Croatian Press Photographers Association.

Many of his works still travel the world as part of the touring Reuters Photo Exhibition and many are also re-visited and used by online and printed media looking for impressive photo illustrations.